The Feng Shui Continuum: A Blueprint for Balanced Living

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This third book by Kartar Diamond deals with the more subtle and advanced applications of classical feng shui. The unseen flying stars are powerful in their influence and Diamond emphasizes that most homes are rather ordinary in their designs, but the non-obvious flying star energies are what usually determine if a dwelling has good or bad feng shui. The second chapter guides readers through the step-by-step process of calculating one of these flying star charts for a house. It is based on when the structure was built and in combination with its precise compass orientation. Diamond has some unique information in the book about how to perform long distance compass readings. Chapter Three discusses the meanings of the various flying star combinations so that you can understand the influence these energies are having on you, as well as remedies for balancing the spaces that can cause harm. In Chapter Four the author categorizes the Four Major House types. All 144 house charts will fit into one of these four major categories, with some house types being inherently good for financial luck and others not. As well, there are house types that are supportive for health and relationships while others are not. Chapter Five reveals special house types that are unique, for their ability to cast fortune or misfortune on the occupants. These are often referred to as Case Studies when students learn with a certain teacher or school. Chapter Six discusses different theories amongst the many schools of feng shui, such as the differences in how to divide up a floor plan or the conflicting theories about whether you should derive your impressions of the house based on when it was built versus when the occupants moved in or based on just the current energies of the times we are all living in. The Feng Shui Continuum contains information which many serious students of feng shui have to study for years and pay thousands of dollars for in courses. Diamond adds her own input on these ancient formulas, based on her experience with clients. Readers of all levels will enjoy this work, from beginners who want to dive into classical feng shui as well as other practitioners who want to get another professional’s opinion about these theories. Diamond is a mentor to many feng shui consultants, so the book is a reflection of her on-going ability to di-mystify the subject and help people prioritize the big feng shui problems from the little feng shui problems.

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