Traditional Feng Shui

Traditional Feng Shui originated in China more than 3000 years ago. Originally it was a protected knowledge of the Emperor. It was known by the name of Kan Yu and was used to ensure that the success of the emperor and his land was maintained. In the beginning it was simply a way for people to ensure that their crops did not die and that the buildings were built as to avoid the cold winds of the north. But it evolved into a complete science or study of the natural and built environment.

Being able to site the land to properly place a house or even a grave were important considerations. As such a study of the environment developed. This study focused on Qi (or energy or flow). By understanding the qi, early masters were able to determine auspicious and inauspicious locations and directions.

Following this study of qi, the use of the five natural elements of wood, fire, earth, metal and water emerged. Using these elements in the proper location, a Feng Shui master can remedy the qi and bring back balance to the environment, thus helping create a beneficial situation for the occupants.

Benefits of Traditional Feng Shui

There are many benefits that Feng Shui brings to people who understand this knowledge. The three areas in which Feng Shui can help is in Health, Prosperity, and in Relationships. Feng Shui is part of a larger study of the heavens, man and earth. As such, all three have practical applications: traditional Chinese medicine (man), Chinese Astrology (heaven), and Feng Shui (earth).

People who use Feng Shui at their home or office see amazing benefits after applying the principles of Feng Shui. Feng Shui can identify areas that may affect a person in certain areas of the body. Bringing balance back using the five elements can aid in preventing or moderating negative health issues.

Using Feng Shui can also bring about improved relationships. Often homes might have qi that creates separation and loneliness. Bringing balance using the five elements can rectify this situation.

Lastly, as the emperor knew, Feng Shui can bring wealth and power. Using the elements properly a master can determine the areas in a home or office that can be financially beneficial to those living there.

Using Feng Shui today

Using the methods held by the original Masters of this craft, people today can see many benefits as described above. The first thing you should do is to start with removing anything that creates a “sha” or negative influence in your life. Dead plants, broken furniture, pictures that bring back painful memories and other items that you no longer need should be removed from your environment. You want to ensure that you have a clutter-free and beautiful living space.

There are many resources available to you to learn more about the study of Feng Shui. We recommend the American Feng Shui Institute and its collection of classes and books.

If you are looking for professional assistance, 168 Feng Shui Advisors is one of the top Feng Shui consulting firms.

The key thing to remember about Feng Shui is that you want to feel comfortable and natural. Traditional Feng Shui does not use trinkets, bagua mirrors, or mysterious charms to ensure prosperity. Rather, aligning yourself with the natural order of the universe and ensuring that you have beauty, harmony, and balance in your home or office is ultimately the goal of any authentic Feng Shui master.

Feng Shui can work anywhere. For example, if you live in an apartment or a four bedroom house, traditional feng shui can improve the overall environment of your home.

At we will be providing articles, tips, resourcesFeng Shui and other guides to assist you in prospering in money, health and love.

Traditional Feng Shui

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